The Community Church

Together, loving and living for God

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"Together, living and loving for God"

We aim to be a Jesus-centred, Holy Spirit-led fellowship where supernatural life is a norm, engaging in prayer, servanthood, sacrificial love and sacrificial giving, whilst maintaining openness, vulnerability, honesty and trust. We want to value family and relationships before programmes.

Spreading the Gospel and making disciples is our priority. We believe that church and community are not separate and that people need to belong before they believe. We hold strongly to the Gospel of Freedom and have a biblical world view.

We have a wider view of church than just our own congregation and want to invest in working together with other fellowshipss and denominations, respecting diversity, in relationships for the territory that God has given us.

We have no formal leadership but encourage everybody to contribute in ministry whatever their age and status, but realise that most people's primary ministry is in the workplace. We therefore want to be an "out here" church, existing primarily out in the community rather than inside Sunday meetings. We aim to see everybody discipled and accountable and everyone growing towards their full potential in God.

We hope that all of our gatherings are meetings for purpose and demonstrate our values that every individual has freedom to explore, be creative and make mistakes without fear, in relation to the prophetic, our structures, our processes and our theological assumptions.

We expect to continuously review our values in the light of scripture, experience and revelation.